Dr. Buccino has recently joined the Integrative Pain Team at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in East Orange. She is no longer seeing patients in her private office. All patients are now being referred to Dr. Larry Peters at the Little Falls location.

Dr. Larry Peters is originally from Queens, New York, he studied pre-med at the University of South Florida. Soon after passing his boards, Dr. Peters opened an office in midtown Atlanta.

In his early years of practice, Dr. Peters noticed that there appeared to be a correlation between the patient’s health complaints and postural abnormalities which were noted on the exam. After researching the subject, he discovered that there was a chiropractic subspecialty that focused on the relationship between health and posture called Chiropractic Biophysics.

Dr. Peters began incorporating these principles into his treatment protocols and found that these patients had better treatment outcomes than would normally be expected. Dr. Peters has since modified his procedures to incorporate digitized postural analysis for more precise diagnosis and improved documentation of postural changes.

Dr. Peters is excited to bring his experience and knowledge gleaned from treating thousands of patients during his 35 years of practice to his new practice in Little Falls, NJ.