Warning Signs for the Female Athlete

According to a study conducted in St. Louis and to be presented at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons in San Francisco, female soccer players are at an increased risk for the Female Athlete Triad. This triad includes: irregular periods, eating disorders, and osteoporosis.
The study found that one in five elite soccer players had irregular periods, and 14% had stress fractures. Stress fractures is when the body’s physical demand is too much for the body’s supply of bone-building calcium to repair at an adequate rate. Stress fractures are overuse injuries. Rest is typically prescribed for this diagnosis.

Sports chiropractors can help identify patient-athletes at risk, and help modify training so that the cycle of damage can be stopped.
Warning signs include, missing periods, having irregular periods (especially during training), pain in the shins, feet or ankles after intense activity, and an unusual picky diet.